Who can Notarize a Document Online?

Current regulations in the United States, where Remote Electronic Notarizations are allowed state, any US Resident can notarize online.

On our platform, we do require last 4 digits of US SSN to be inputted to verify your identity online. Therefor if you are a US Resident, US Citizen and if you have been issued a US Social Security Card by US Social Security Administration, you can use our services.

Please Note: Using Tax ID number would not allow you to use our services.

Documents Accepted

We highly prefer you scan your current non-expired US Drivers License during your account setup process to connect to us.

We will also accept US Passport, State Issued Drivers License and US Military ID as form of acceptable IDs.

Age Restrictions

Anyone over the age of 18 can notarize with us. We do not notarize currently for minors.

Other Limitations

Our Notary agents job is to ensure our signers when connected are in sound mind and signing the document at on their own free will. If we notice someone maybe being forced to sign their document, we have a strict policy to disconnect and cancel our notary event.

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